GH Capital Inc. Trading Symbol (GHHC), is a diversified holding company enganged in two primary business segments: FINTEC and Capital Market Advisory Service.



Financial technology (FinTech), is an industry composed of companies that use new technology and innovation with available resources in order to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of financial services. Financial technology companies consist of both startups and established financial and technology companies trying to replace or enhance the usage of financial services of incumbent companies.(Source:

GH-Capital Inc. has it's own FinTech product, called ClickDirectPay.
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Capital Market Advisory Service

Are you interested in going public/IPO but have no idea if your company fullfills the requirements?
Well, then you have come to the right place.

Our Difference Is Your Benefit

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a solution that eliminated the need to spend endless hours, month over month, trying to keep the process of going public cost efficient and predictable?

The big difference our clients gain is direct access to a one-stop, going public solution.

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